Vavi Solomon | Wellness Creative & Curator.

Updated: Feb 2


Vavi Solomon is no stranger to the world of creative arts. As a child, she was quiet and always immersed in an art project or mischievously drawing on her clothes, walls, and bedroom furniture. Vavi’s passion for the world of the arts grew through her high school years leading to a college education for graphic design where her confidence flourished and the vision of truly living life as a creative became clear.

In 2009, Vavi began sharing her art with the online world—evolving her creativity as both a designer and internet blogger. She created what was then called “Crude Complex”.com where she shared both her own artistic expression and her inspirations as well. It was a tasteful mixture of visuals and sounds alongside entries regarding the present day happenings both locally and around the world. It was fulfilling as a creative outlet, but Vavi also felt the need to be of service to her community as she noticed that adulthood carried many stress factors. Crude defined rawness and lack of swayed editing which described her demeanor to carry out her expressions- bold yet soothing for those needing positive stimulation. As time went on she evolved in graphic arts creating a myriad of projects from album art and music videos to business logos, advertisements, and commercials.

In 2013, Vavi’s first child was born and with that- the birth of a new level of creativity. It was during this time that she was compelled to learn how to manage her battle with depression and anxiety through creativity via poetry and music. Initially, she kept her creations in her personal vault unknown the outside world. Her mother discovered her expressions and pushed her to share with the online community. Sharing her gifts allowed more of her inner knowing to evolve as she came to realize the connection of healing that creativity offered and more so sharing and educating others that they too could find healing through these methods.

By 2015, Vavi was expecting her second child and graphic design had fluxed leaving her unable to carry the financial load. Vavi then chose to take her interests into the world of wellness by becoming an esthetician. Her awareness of wellness expanded and inspired a recreation of her artistry. It would be a wild ride of experimenting with the ideas of art and wellness. She began energy healing and remained committed to her intuition of needs while many viewed her mission as taboo. Vavi knew there was a void and was determined to filll this.

Present day, in 2020—Vavi has graduated as a medical assistant, soaking up the experiences of the medical field while cultivating a deep spiritual practice with self care and energy healing as her religion. This journey has elevated her artistic expression and skill to become both visually captivating as well as magnetic to the world—attracting those like T-Pain, Hannibal Buress, and Erykah Badu. The future is bright, shining upon her newly acquired wellness venture called “” where the importance of internal balance is uniquely pioneered.

Services such as energy healing, Art Commissions and design are offered. Energy readings are updated during each week and necessary updates in numerology and astrological events.


Vavi Solomon