GoodBye #FOMO : How to get over anxieties with manifestation.

Updated: May 20

Peace #RealOnes,

What a time we are in right now. Every stream to be heard or read is regarding the baffling corona virus and many don’t know what to make of it. It is during this time that it is in our best interests to focus on what is in our control. Our power to be still is a hidden gem most are having a hard time harnessing. Extroverts can’t imagine how they are going to stay sane in their homes for the next 20 days while introverts have a convenient excuse to be in their unbothered zone.

Rather than being herded with the rest of the cattle, perhaps you can take a moment to “tap in”. What does that mean? Tapping in is tuning out the outside world—creating a sacred space both physically and mentally to receive a download. What do I mean when I say receive a download?

Lets dive in! As some of you may know, #HigherKnowledge services are now available. Simply look beneath the tab titled “services” and there you can sign up for a custom, individual session with me. For $5.55, I will guide and provide information that will undoubtedly reveal layers and assist you in elevating mentally. From that moment, you decide— walk forward into your manifestation or not, while the #RealOnes unlock the light awaiting them.

If you are ready to unlock your greatest potential, what are you waiting for?

I’m ready when you are. Peace my loves.

It takes no time, send me a personal email about your experiences with meditation and where you are interested in going.


Vavi Solomon