February finally arrives.

The year 2020 has began with quite the bang. I anticipated growth, and some challenges but not as quickly as they have swooped in. As the world updates the happenings taken place, it seems that we are all experiencing the same.

The divine is encouraging many changes in my personal life that caters to the good of those around me both near and far. It is my pleasure to bring readings of the month and specifics that I am intuitively led to bring forth. As many in our conscious community would say, "GIVE THANKS!"

I am apart of the growing conscious community as well as the artist community. There is a great lineage of healers and architects streaming through a myriad of people, and it is here (#REALSPILL) that you will be given gifts of mixed media that are spiritually fused. 2020 is going to be a trying year for many of us. Digesting the divine guidance offered will help greatly and if you are interested in your deeper knowing specific to your life path, click HERE.

Be mindful that the full moon in Leo is February 9th at 2:33am.

I enjoy the channels of a few ladies on YouTube who inform us on how to get the most out of these times for our emotional protection, awareness, and spiritual growth. Be sure to subscribe (HERE) to my site as I will share much information and personal experiences.


Vavi Solomon