Acrylic on wood

Live painting downtown

outside of a tattoo parlor.

I freed my mind and allowed

my subconscious to lead, from recent moments of taking off my cool .

In this time, I embraced that I could be imperfect-and in that same breath, exist capable and talented. A "young'n".

blackboy dream

Acrylic on wood

In the midst of a break up

in the same time expecting a son. From the depths of my heartache still holding sympathy for the small boy within the man who had torn the soul from my chest. 

I imagined the young wounded boy within many black men, that dream and experience streams beyond this world before traumas and toxicity.

grin in the wind

Acrylic on canvas

Inspired by Solange, I began a portrait while listening to  her album "Seat at the Table."

It took a path of evolution along my other inspiration of afro Japanese influences and I found satisfaction in this cropped grid.

Mos definitely


While in school to be an esthetician, I felt compelled to challenge myself to draw a portrait. I was afraid my skills were lacking since my focus was not on making art at the time. 

Her gaze


My first expressions of art were realism and portraits- whenever I catch a face with features that are captivating, its a MUST that I draw them. Always a love for drawing the details of facial features.


Acrylic on canvas

first celeb sell!

My very first piece of artwork to be featured in an auction, the "SILENT AUCTION" held by Chicago's SilverRoom in Hyde Park. 

This process was a blessing in disguise of frustration.  24 hrs before the deadline to submit my work, I completely started over- trashing the other canvas. I began this version of  Kendrick Lamar and truly altered my perspective of my creative process as well as  my abilities. 


For the backstory click here!

guard me

Acrylic on wood x Digital painting

A spin off of  "Black Boy Dream"

I love to take my paintings digital and recreate alternate versions- telling a new story. 

also featured in an clothing collection.

 What's in store for 2020? 

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as for canvases? I've got some HOT commissions to share.


Vavi Solomon